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  1. Kids on Love
  2. Signs that you are no longer a kid
  3. Chicken crosses the road
  4. Quickies and one-liners
  5. Concert review
  6. The Rabbi and the Pope
  7. Actual answers to 6th grade history test
  8. The art thief (Groan!)
  9. Stupid criminals
  10. Bank loan
  11. Bricklayer's report
  12. Bump ...Bump ...Bump in the night
  13. How to give a pill to a cat
  14. Don't despair...
  15. Heavenly computing contest
  16. Oily leprechaun tale
  17. Great lines from job evaluations
  18. Animal lover
  19. Human resources exec at the pearly gates
  20. Mahatma Gandhi's feet
  21. The worst blonde joke (ever)
  22. Special Irish joke section:

  23. New Meanings
  24. Terrible cow joke (very British)
  25. New Screen-cleaning technology
  26. Be Careful around Old People
  27. Australian humour


  1. Great Marketing Screw Ups
  2. Computer problems
  3. Drunken drivers
  4. The facts of life
  5. Dictionary of Hollywood phrases
  6. Musicians jokes
  7. The Edward Bulwar Lytton Prize
  8. What we have learned from the movies
  9. Gates of heaven
  10. Nuns in Europe
  11. 30 years to go
  12. Drunk on the subway
  13. Little boy and his train
  14. Questionable theories
  15. The ugly baby on the bus
  16. Silly answering machine messages
  17. Lawyers in heaven
  18. The best chicken joke ever
  19. Nervous at mass
  20. Golf lessons
  21. Another parrot joke
  22. Computer gender
  23. His and hers Cash Machines
  24. Spielberg's composers
  25. Virus alert
  26. The shipwrecked Scotsman
  27. Drunken Irishman
  28. Two Irishmen catch the bus
  29. Signs of the 90s
  30. Alcoholic wisdom
  31. Cats & Dogs
  32. The blonde with a glass eye
  33. Nelson Mandela delivery
  34. Five things
  35. Scottish humour(!)
  36. Low carb diet
  37. A Nun's tale
  38. Tropical Valentine
  39. The Welshman
More clean jokes:
  1. The world's worst "A bear walks into a bar" joke
  2. A frog's tale
  3. How to handle stress
  4. Latest terms to add to your vocabulary
  5. Good excuse
  6. Special Canadian Jokes section
  7. Lover in the closet
  8. Woman at the bar
  9. Yet another pearly gates joke
  10. The 1999 Darwin Awards
  11. Always wanted to know what they mean...!
  12. Blonde blow job
  13. Yet another dumb blonde joke (please stop sending these in...)
  14. Special British Humour section
  15. Dolly and the Queen
  16. Is Hell Exothermic or Endothermic?
  17. Another parrot joke
  18. At last, a blond guy joke
  19. Guide to drinking
  20. Idiots are everywhere
  21. Confessional leads
  22. A brief history of time
  23. The truth about men and women
  24. West Indian humour
  25. Yet another Irishmen in a pub joke
  26. More West Indian humour
  27. Yuh know yuh is a Trini if.....
  28. The six bikers prawn joke
  29. Quasimodo's replacement
  30. Asking the right question
  31. Blonde twins
  32. Ferrari vs moped
  33. Pope joke
  34. Admiral Nelson at Trafalgar
  35. Special computer helpline section
  36. Two Mexicans and the Bacon Tree
  37. Essex Hurricane Appeal (very British)
  38. Did Prince Philip fart?
  39. Tommy Cooper one-liners


  1. The Norwegian starlet joke
  2. Genie
  3. Stiff parrot
  4. How to do it
  5. Kennedy and Lincoln
  6. Rooster
  7. The Farmer and his Cow
  8. The Farmer and his Pig
  9. Miss Bea's Condom
  10. The Historical Origin of the Middle Finger
  11. Are you normal ?
  12. Halloween
  13. Mirror, Mirror
  14. Nuns confession
  15. The Teacher and the Blackboard
  16. Mums talking about their sons
  17. Noisy orgasm
  18. Old couple at breakfast
  19. Theme party
  20. Irish version of above party joke
  21. What's a mohyl...?
  22. Smells
  23. I, the Penis....
  24. What is Hell?
  25. Flight Conversation
  26. Irish lovers

More Filth:

  1. Pheasant in a field
  2. Pakistani sandals
  3. A day at the races
  4. Santa and the Cop
  5. Daffy Duck
  6. Little girl and the bird
  7. Sex laws from around the world
  8. Sharing
  9. Clinton quickie
  10. Definitions
  11. Maternity ward
  12. And at last here are some for both the girls and the boys: - Questions and Answers
  13. Irishman's last wish
  14. More Questions and Answers
  15. Adam & Eve
  16. Grandpa in hosptal
  17. Tennis elbow
  18. Thumbs
  19. Ski weekend
  20. Another St. Peter at the gates of heaven joke
  21. Aztec father and son joke
  22. Abstinence test

Even more filth:

  1. Millennium Year Application Software System
  2. Nuns on their bikes
  3. A day on the beach
  4. How to understand one another
  5. Men are like....
  6. More men are like.....
  7. Naughty Tatoo
  8. Ten top reasons for being.....
  9. Prison vs Work ... and the answer is...?
  10. Forty years of marriage
  11. Adult questions and answers
  12. Going on a date
  13. Date at the front door
  14. True radio phone-in transcript
  15. Sick dick
  16. 3 convicts on their way to jail
  17. Who's the father?
  18. Thermometer joke
  19. Another woman in a bar joke
  20. Penis van Lesbian: actor
  21. Pay your bills
  22. Rindercella spoonerism tale
  23. Don's Christmas present

Totally politically unacceptable:

  1. Cultural differences
  2. Men & women
  3. How to choose a wife
  4. Mickey and Minnie in court
  5. A dictionary for women
  6. Top 10 reasons for being.....
  7. Men are like....
  8. Really awful things about women
  9. How to handle stress
  10. Tatoo joke
  11. Polish aircrash
  12. Dumb blonde jokes
  13. Dumb men jokes
  14. More dumb blonde jokes
  15. Sperm count
  16. Childrens Books You'll Probably Never See
  17. Software Problems
  18. IRS aftermath

And even worse:

  1. ADVICE TO WOMEN (be careful with this one..)
  2. (..and this one too) WANTED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER
  3. Quick, easy-to-understand guide to political ideologies 
  4. A few female questions answered...
  5. The worst blonde joke ever 
  6. Top tips for women
  7. Blonde home improvement
  8. How to speak about girls and be politically correct
  9. How to speak about men and be politically correct
  10. Top 20 reasons why chocolate is better than sex
  11. The priest and his big fish
  12. French leave
  13. Vegas hooker
  14. Joyce's awful old peoples' home joke


And, finally, be warned before you read on : the following jokes are really REALLY Really disgusting:

  1. The poopie list
  2. Disgusting world records
  3. Top 10 things men would do if they woke up and had a vagina for a day AND the Top 10 things women would do if they woke up and had a penis for a day
  4. Women's guide to blowjob etiquette for men
  5. The Nudist Colony
  6. Tightrope humour
  7. Lady at the bar
  8. Terrible shipwreck joke