Two Irish men in a Pub (why it's always two and Irish and in a Pub, never mind this is different) this is a good pub says one ah says his mate it's not a patch on Murphy's. So what's so good at Murphy's that you can't get here in Paddy's.

Well as you go in the serve you a free pint of Guinness, on the house after which you go upstairs and have kinky sex. That's not all when you come down you are given another free pint of Guinness.

What on the house?

Yes, and then you are taken upstairs again for rampant sex.

I don't believe it.

Believe what you wish but on my mothers.

Ok, then what happens?

You come back down then and are given another Guinness on the house.

Sound a good Pub to me. So that's it then?

Well no - you are taken upstairs again for a bout of kinky sex when you have finished you go down into the Bar and are they give you a bottle of Champagne then they put in a Taxi and pay for you to be taken home.

You'll have been to Murphy's?

No - but my sister has!


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