This is a joke supplied by my cousins, Ayleen & Tony Sands, in Western Australia. Visit their website at: Stirling Range Retreat



No doubt you are aware of Harley Davidson the maker of the cult motor cycle died.

HD dually arrives at the pearly gates where upon St. Peter instantly recognizes him and goes into raptures about how he would like to be back on earth to take one for a spin.

So after much more talk about HD Magic motor cycle St. Peter grants HD the choice of who he would like to hang out with.

After due consideration HD decides to go to the top,replying God sound suitable company upon which

St. Peter sends him straight up.

God meets HD at the door and intently recognizes him as HD and promptly goes it raptures about the Harleys extolling all the virtues and benefit of the various models,by this time HD is suffering from a swollen head with pride.

HD says hay God were you the designer of FEMALE?

Yes God replies and what a fine creation it is.

Well says HD it has some fundamental design flaws.

God says and possibly could they be?

It has to much protruding at the front.

The rear suffers from to much over hang.

When the get up to speed they are likely to chatter.

Also the inlet is far to close to the exhaust.

With this statement God is blown away, so he decides to consult the celestial computer, and after long deliberation returns.

Well God says to HD I must advise you that with all the faults mentioned, more are riding my models than yours.

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