This man and his wife were playing a round of golf on a very exclusive golf course surrounded by multi million dollar homes.

The wife says to the husband, "Be careful honey. Don't slice your next swing or you may break a window and God knows how much that would cost."

The husband swings and of course, the ball flies through a huge plate glass window of what looks like the most expensive home.

The husband, being a very honest man goes up to the house to survey the damage with his wife. The window is shattered, and he even broke what looked like an antique jar on a shelf across from the window.

He rings the doorbell and the door is answered by a very nice looking man. The husband tells him, "I am so very sorry. I was the one who broke the window and I will gladly pay for it."

To this, the man answered, "No, you have done me a great favor. You see, I am a genie and I have been stuck in that jar that you broke for thousands of years. Because I am now free, I may grant three wishes. I will give one wish to you, one wish to your wife, and I will keep one wish for myself."

The husband is thrilled with this idea.

The genie asks the husband, 'What is your wish?" The husband thinks for a moment. "I know, I would like to have one million dollars every year." The genie said, "<poof! It's yours!"

The genie then asks the wife, "What is your wish?" The wife replied, "I would like to have a villa in every country in the world." To this, the genie said, "<poof! It's yours!"

The husband then asks the genie, "What is your wish?" The genie replied, "Well, you see, I have been cooped up in that bottle for thousands of years and I have not had any sex for that long. What I would like is to make love with your wife."

The husband looks at his wife and says, "You know, honey, he did give us all this money and a villa in every country of the world. It's fine with me if you would like to do this."

The wife thinks for a moment and agrees. Upstairs they go, and make wild passionate love for three hours.

The genie and the wife are laying there, the genie smoking a cigarette and the wife laying there exhausted. The genie asks the wife, "So tell me, how old is your husband?" The wife answers, he's 32, why?" "I was just wondering", answered the genie. "Don't you think he's a little old to believe in genies?"

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