The Norwegian Starlet Joke

There was this starlet from Norway in bed with her lover one afternoon in Oslo in the middle of winter. she hears the front door opening and she turns in bed to her lover and says "ciel mon mari*, my husband has come home from work earlier than expected, you've gotta disappear quick".

The lover gets our of bed, naked of course, and looks for the wardrobe - only Scandinavian furniture, nowhere to hide...desperate as the husband comes up the stairs, the lover jumps out of the window.

He finds himself naked in the street in the snow in the middle of the Oslo cross country skiing marathon - 3000 cross country skiiers. what can he do? - the husband has seen him jumping out the window and is coming after him...he starts cross country skiing with the other 3000 competitors.

A couple of miles later the guy doing the Oslo cross country skiing marathon next to him asks politely, "do you always do the Oslo cross country skiing marathon stark naked with no skis like that?"

The lover replies "yes, i'm Norwegian, it's much better for the health"

A couple of miles later the guy skiing next to him says "what about the condom?"

The lover looks down at his comdom adorned penis, looks up to the sky and replies "oh, stopped snowing has it?"


(*:"sky my husband" in Franswegian)

(This joke originated at the New York Marathon, I am responsible for introducing the Norwegian elements - it happened sponteously as I told the joke to practically the whole Norwegian television and film industry on the beach a few years ago at the Cannes Film festival the morning after Norway had won the Eurovision song contest. None of them understood the joke which made it funnier and the cross country skiing bit just stuck from there on. Of course it helps if you tell the joke naked with the appropriate accessories attached while you imitate cross country skiing movements.)

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