Some of you might'n understand this but give it a try it's hilarious.

Ya know ya is a bajan when...

1. you refer to a national holiday as a bank holiduh

2. jug is somethin ya eat and not somethin ya does put ya food in

3. ya does move scruffy

4. Cheese on bread aint got nuttin to do wid being hungry

5. ya uses words like fowl cock, rock stone and ram goat

6. somebody stupid is actually a poppit

7. every childhood game can be played for licks

8. soup is a bit of water and nuff dumplings, potatoes, yams, eddoes and any other ground provision ya could find

9. any hot beverage is considered tea - cocoa tea, coffee tea, tea tea, green tea

10. you finish sentences wid dennn

11. you can buy a pint and a half of cockspur in a rum shop without anyone asking you for ID even though you're only 12 years old

12. you take sick people to the horsepital

13. IMF means I man father

14. you have a bad fall and ya either lick up, break up, skin up or catspraddle

15. the word horn does not conjure up images of Dizzy Gillespie or Jazz music

16. tek is more than the name of a toothbrush

17. dub is the force, dub is...the.....force!!!!

18. yuh does eat leadpipes!!!

19. yuh does see the humour in a cartoon named "gumby and pokey"!!!

20. de cardinal points is eass, wess norf and sowf!!

21. yuh constantly explaining dat de dolphin you does eat is a fish and not a mammal!

22. nuh fish doan taste like a fish from Baxter's road!!

23. a bread and two is not 3 breads!!!

24. de word "foop" is not a "sound word like "voop" and "woosh"!!!

25. a cutter is not a sharp utensil.

26. All de seasons uh de year start wid "C" - Congaline, Crop Over, Cricket and Christmas!!!

27. choice bread doan mean a good selection!!

28. yuh does stupse when yuh hear a Tobagonian talking bout "their flying fish"

29. a snakebite does only mek you drunk or tipsy - depending pun how much bites yuh have!!!

30. liming infront Cave Shepherd is a integral part a growin' up.

31. yuh pun a "brasion"!!

32. even ef yuh only goin' tuh de beech, yuz be dress dung in bare hard gear, 33. yuh doan got tuh be mystical tuh be gypsy,

34. yuh just cyant guh town an' doan see someone yuh know.

35. when somebody call ya pun de phone and sa 'wait you still home?' or when da see ya pun de road and ask ya if ya still living.

36. yuh don't have to be drinking to ask for a scotch.

37. yuh don't have to be spiteful to be malicious.

38. yuh call every stranger either boss man, partner or skipper.

39. it could barely get overcast and everybody coming school in a sweater.

40. yuh call a man a 'johnny' and de man name Kevin.

41. asking 'fuh piece' cud mean :"gimme a turn", "mek some room for me" or "u cud as well gimme de whole ting coz i licrish"

42. 'banks' not only good for keeping ya money.

43. school work does got yuh "caffufle."

44. when it too hard to spell some a de things ya does say: "wahever" "gohblenya"

45. You can "go in Kentucky" or go up Miami Beach without leaving the Country.

46. You say "whappenin" even at a funeral.

47. De word unmarley en got nutten tuh do wid Bob

48. Yuh understand de word bozie.

49. De word juk could be a noun or a verb

50. De word collins don mean somebody name

51. The word BULL has endless meanings

52. if yuh cyan believe someting true yuh does either say "Wait?!" or "fuh chu?!"

53. if being "sporty" hardly have enyting to do wid sports

54. de word 'Oba' is synonymous wid track and field.

55. if ya 'did de dawg', it has nothing to do wid a canine.

56. "don't off-set me!" is used to mean "leff me lone".

57. You distinguish between public and private owned transport by 'bus' and 'van'.

58. You 'skin ya teeth' when you smile and 'put up ya face' when you frown.

59. You can 'go up St Lucy' and 'go down St Lucy' without changing direction

60. Words like 'hard' and 'bad' have 30 different meanings

61. The word liberty brings to mind 98.1 and not freedom

62. The warehouse is always the warehouse no matter what they name it

63. You speak of 'the van stand' and everyone knows what you are talking about even though they are three of them.

64. The beach refers to the South or West Coast and Bathsheba is anywhere on the East Coast

65. yuh know dat 'hard wine' ain got nuttin tuh do wid liquor

66. yuh might tink dat being a half idiot is worse than being a idiot

67. Hell is de worse place ever was, and the best...You could look good as hell, and dem fishcakes could be oily as hell, that garbage pile could smell stink as hell...

68. you know the licence plates of all public transportation, and you are on first name basis with de drivers...

69. You could be hot wid perspiration, vex with botheration and sick wid palpitations.

70. being described as real ignorant is a compliment

71. you spell college with a 'k' and a 'j'!

72. Yuh live 5 minutes from de beach and does get a sea-bath 5 times a year...

73. When somebody got talk fuh you, dem does never be talking to YOU.

74. Yuh don't have to be an Athlete to know bout de "runnings"

75. "hold" doan necessarily mean "to hold" cuz yuh cud "hol' nuff, nuff licks" in a fight.

76.yuh could be anywhere in Bim and still be guin' down East Coast Rd."

77. Yuh noah dat "pickin a lime" ain gots nuttin to do wid a visit to de orchard.

78. Yuh noah dat de Dipper is a person an not a constellation

79. when you give directions like this: bubble up the street, Make a right at the mango tree. Go all the way down till you get to 3 rude boys liming on the block. You will see an esso. dont turn there, make a left. you will see a green house. That not it, go striaght. Its the blue house in front of the Two dunk trees. You can' mis it. It has the white Toyota Camey with the plates S001 in front of it.



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