After the gulf war all the oil fires in Kuwait except one had been put out and this one resisted all attempts. Finally someone said that the only man who could put it out was Red Adair, it would be expensive but worth it. They contacted Red who said that he was unable to help because he was busy with a big fire in Venezuela but his Irish cousin, Green Adair who lived in Dublin, was just as good at this sort of work.

They rang Green Adair who agreed to put the fire out for them, he would be there within 12 hours and it would cost $500,000 US. It was agreed and eleven and a half hours later a C130 landed in the desert alongside the fire, a big fire truck rolled out of the back and without stopping gathered speed and drove straight into the fire.

After a short while the fire went out and the truck came out the other side. It drove up to the assembled crowd and coasted slowly to a halt. Green Adair got out and was greeted by the chairman of the company. He offered his congratulations for having done exactly as he said he would, arriving within 12 hours and putting the fire out.

The chairman then said " here is your $500,000 dollars and just out of interst what are you going to do with it ?". Green replied " the first thing I'm going to do is get the brakes on that bloody truck fixed".

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