Once upon a time there was a small duck named Daffy who didn't want to fly
south for the winter...
Daffy felt it was a silly tradition to keep flying north and south every
year, so this year, he intended to stay right where he was.
All the other ducks took off for their yearly migration, and Daffy had the
pond all to himself. He just swam around and enjoyed the feeling of being
alone for the first time in his young life.
Soon, however, the weather began to turn cold. So cold, in fact, that Daffy
realized that he had made a serious mistake. So daffy decided to fly south
after all.
The weather was very, very cold. And soon, Daffy was so cold, he couldn't
continue. He fell to the ground, and lay in a grassy field near death.
Along came a cow, who was eating the grass in the field.
The cow took a big dump, and some of the cow shit fell on Daffy, burying
him up to his neck.
The cow shit was very warm. It was so warm, that it soon thawed Daffy out.
He began to feel a lot better...and he began to quack happily. The sound of
his quacking attracted a nearby cat, who dug Daffy out of the cow shit,
killed him, and ate him.
1) He who shits on you is not necessarily your enemy...
2) He who digs you out of shit is not necessarily your friend, and
3) If you're up to your neck in shit, but you're comfortable and happy
.....keep your mouth shut !

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